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When reporter Guinivere Jones went looking for her dream home, a dead body was definitely not on her must-have list

It's been over a year since her divorce and Guin has found true happiness on Sanibel, the seashell capital of the United States. She has a great job, working as a reporter for the local paper; a great beau, a marine biologist who was once voted one of the sexiest men in Southwest Florida; and good friends. Now all she wants is a little cottage near the beach to call home. Is that so much to ask for? However, finding the perfect beach house has proven to be a much bigger challenge than Guin had expected. And now she's not just hunting for a home but a killer too.

The third book in the Sanibel Island Mystery series, In the Market for Murder once again features fearless reporter Guinivere Jones, her sometime nemesis, Det. William "Bill" O'Loughlin, her best friend, Shelly, and her two mostly loyal feline companions, Flora and Fauna, along with a host of other memorable characters and places.


Great, light summer reading, especially if you love Sanibel Island! The book's main character takes you all over the island, to familiar places as she solves a murder mystery. This is Book 3 in the series and they keep getting better. I just started Book 4 and already am looking forward to #5. Be sure and start at #1 to get the full story!!

BARB P- Amazon Reader

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