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Was it murder or suicide? 

When a local big shot is found dead in a locked car with a painted shell in his pocket bearing an ominous warning, it’s up to Guinivere Jones, intrepid reporter and amateur sleuth, to determine the true cause of death.


Book eight in the Sanibel Island Mystery series, For Whom the Shell Tolls takes readers on the hunt for a buried treasure—and a possible murderer—and combines mystery, romance, and seashells in an irresistible read.


This author writes a fun, series that you can’t put don’t. Once it arrives I have to read it right away. Guin is so entertaining and will she solve the murder? What would the detective do without her help. So fun to see all the places she visits and is woven into each book. I love Sanibel, shelling, the restaurants and locations. Makes me miss it more. However if you never been, this series is still for you. Helps to plan a mental escape until the last page.

LIZ ROWE- Amazon Reader

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